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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New website

Check out our new website at and let us know what you think


  1. It's a bit preliminary, but looks very nice. Expanding the blog post on hover is an interesting idea. I might suggest a "slide" effect or something rather than a slide just for an aesthetic touch.

    If I could ask, what's powering the website on the server?

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    The page is just HTML and CSS, no JavaScript and was done more as a trial before we put up the actual site which will be based on the WSO2 Gadget Server.

    We wanted to keep the page as pure HTML 5 but IE gets in the way as usual so it's a bit of a frig for some effects.

    The expanding div for the news was more by accident or maybe I should say as a compromise. We wanted to provide a button in the footer to click to expand, or even slide as you suggest. The problem was there is no parent selector in standard CSS so we couldn't get back up the tree to the container from the footer div. Obviously when the final site is released we won't have that problem.